Implications of decreased cardiac output nursing diagnosis in postoperative cardiac surgery: systematic literature review

Janine Gomes Timótheo, Isabel Cruz


Introduction: The physiological changes of the cardiac surgery postoperative period are related to anesthesia, surgical trauma and cardiopulmonary bypass. The decrease in cardiac output constitutes a threat to the patient's prognosis. Question clinic: For high complexity clients with cardiac output diagnosis decreased postoperative cardiac surgery which more effective intervention for their resolution? Methods: A systematic review of the literature. Summary of scientific evidence: The cardiac output decreased not only linked to identification of invasive methods, the faster detection largest prognosis. Discussion: More studies are needed to present scientific evidence on nursing interventions for patients with decreased cardiac output, most of the studies summarized in identifying factors and defining characteristics of this diagnosis. Contributions to clinical practice: The intensive care nurse must have the ability to detect and interpret blood flow early signs of failure by clinical signs.


Evidence-Based Nursing. Intensive care. Hemodynamic monitoring

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