Implications of Nursing diagnosis, impaired spontaneous ventilation to the client of high complexity in intensive care.

Márcia Carneiro Florêncio, Isabel CF da Cruz


In this paper aims - to evaluate the main and most effective nursing interventions in highly complex patients with the nursing diagnosis impaired spontaneous ventilation. To this was accomplished a survey of literature review being evaluated 10 articles of databases, LILACS and MEDLINE, between the periods 2009 to 2012 were determined 07 interventions that have shown decreased risk of complications such as infections and mortality. The research contributes demonstrating the most effective interventions and addressed, but there is a limiting factor on specific interventions on mechanical ventilation, which in some studies are assigned to other professional or are not carried out for lack of knowledge. Makes it necessary more ICU studies where these interventions are carried out in ideal conditions both skilled professionals, as that is not assigned to another professional, to better evaluate the effectiveness of these interventionist measures stated in the proposed diagnosis.


Intensive Care Units, Respiration, Artificial; Intensive Care

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