Patient diagnosed with impaired gas exchange - systematized literature review

Amanda Parente de Almeida, Isabel CF da Cruz


Objective: This article aims to: identify the scientific production on the diagnosis for impaired gas exchange.
Method: A bibliographic research was carried out through a systematized review of the computerized literature, carried out in the period from March to December, in the databases: CAPES, DEDALUS, LILACS, PUBMED. In the analysis of the material, it was possible to create three categories: Impaired Gas Exchange, Ineffective Respiratory Pattern, gas exchange.

Result: The diagnosis of impaired gas exchange is related to respiratory and cardiac cases, and it was possible to observe during the research that could be found as a nursing diagnosis in surgical cases and in patients hospitalized in ICU units for long stay.
Conclusion: The diagnosis of "impaired gas exchange" is easily correlated with many pathologies that patients may present as cardiac, pulmonary and postoperative surgical situations, and there is still a need for new studies aimed at nursing care for The diagnosis of impaired gas exchange.
Keywords: Impaired gas exchange; Ineffective respiratory pattern, gas exchange


Impaired gas exchange; nursing

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