Readiness to improve family processes: The family as facilitator in the interprofessional on duty

Michelle de Menezes Freire, Isabel CF da Cruz


ABSTRACT: Objective research was to carry out a systematized review of scientific articles with evidence for the family's readiness to improve family processes, such as being a facilitator in the interdisciplinary shift, assisting the teams in this communication and demonstrating that it can be a sum to the care, where the method used in the research was descriptive in nature through a systematized bibliographic review and based on secondary works, published in the period from 2011 to 2017, the search sites were the databases Lilacs, Medline and BDENF - Nursing in Portuguese (when available) and English in nursing journals, using the descriptors according to the PICO strategy. Result: We selected articles that showed the readiness to improve family processes, even though 10 articles were found that discuss about communication, there are still few studies that include the family of patients in this process. Conclusion: The study shows that the inclusion of the family in this process, is still challenging, the need for further research that includes the family, as a strategy allows better communication between the interdisciplinary team favoring a better therapy for the patient. Recommendation: Inclusion of family members as an instrument with the interdisciplinary team during the shift, exchanging information and experience, breaking the pre-established culture of exclusion.

Key-words: Family, interdisciplinary communication, process assessment


Family, interdisciplinary communication, process assessment

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