Empathy in the Cardiologic ICU - evidenced based nursing practice

Laiza Paloma da Costa Santos, Isabel CF da Cruz


This research is about a bibliographical revision, whose objective is to identify, in literature, studies related to the difficulties faced for the nursing team, with relation to the practical one of the care humanizing, in the hospital scope, aiming at to contribute for the improvement of the assistance of nursing in the critical sectors. The comment had as justification of that many times the carried through care did not take care of to the necessities of the patient and for recognizing the importance of the care humanizing to the critical patient and its familiar ones, developing action whom they come to preserve auto-esteem, the individuality and sensitivity of the sick being, having as goal the development and adequacy of techniques that facilitate the practical one of the care humanizing, that she is intimideted on the models of assistance adopted by the team to multidiscipline. The mechanization of the assistance can compromise the attendance humanizing, and the technology, at some moments, seems to contribute of little significant form for the practical one of the care humanizing. Concluding that the process of humanizing in the UTIs comes if developing of gradual form, due to influence of the factors technician and human being in the care environment.


empathy; Nursing, Intensive care units

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URN: http://www.jsncare.uff.br/index.php/jsncareurn:nbn:de:1983-4152jsncare.v1i1.16498

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