Know need about the treatment and selfcare at dialisys – Sistematic Literature Review

Ana Cristina Cunha, Isabel CF da Cruz


Through the research of the scientific production of nursing on the permanent education of the patient in dialysis aiming at the best available evidence for the care with this type of patient, had been searched 10 texts for analysis being that, the 6 texts in Portuguese 3 they had dealt with on the education in health and 3 had treated on the dialysis. And of the 4 texts in English, 1 treated on education in health and 3, on dialysis. The used methodology was the bibliographical-manual in the databases DeCS of Bireme and Lilacs. In accordance with the cited notes, some lapsings of nursing that express the learning necessity on the treatment and the selfcare one in dialysis are the comment of the anxiety level and the process of thought; the recognition of certain answers and feelings, as frustations and sadnesses are common in the patient who initiates the dialysis process; to make the patient to understand the meaning to keep nutritional alimentary habits; e to emphasize the patient to read all the labels of foods and drinks and not to take medications in the medical lapsing. The conclusion is that we must always try an assistance of directed nursing to cure doubts, anxiety, making with that the patient so, participates in the search of the quality of the therapy proposal and in the quality of life, for the maintenance of its balance.


dialysis, nursing, health education.

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