Pressure`s Ulcer: Sistematic Literature Review

samantha sartes, Isabel Cruz


Whit the level of knowledge that the health professionals has today, to be aware of the pressure ulcer are avoidable in a high percentual of the cases. The best way of avoid them is use a scale that indicate the factors of risk linked with its development , in order to their effective ways of prevention are estabilished and, if note the installation of UP, to check what stage is founded, in order to the early treatment is installed. The research had as an objective review of articles posted in nacional and internacional cientific magazines around the use of scales of risk factors and match the old age as a predisposing factor for the up to show up. It’s about a systematic literature review, using databases Scielo, Bdenf and Lilacs, using as time limitation the periods from 2003 to 2008. Ten articles were selected for this research. According to the authors, advanced age is related to the development of ups and a risk assessment scale is used to detect the risks that a customer can present to develop UP. The scale is the most widely used of Braden. The conclusion is: critical patients are in high risk to develop pressure ulcer and educational programs are highly relevant to the health professionals. By detecting the risk factors that elderly people shows up, preventive programs can be prepared for a quality assistance.


pressure ulcer, aged, intensive care units

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