Care to Vascular Access Temporary in Hemodialysis – Sistematic Literature Review

Carollina Resende Siqueira, Isabel CF da Cruz


The temporary catheters serve of vital point to client make his hemodialisys in time the arteriovenous fistulae not end. He can are implants in subclavic veins, jugulars and femorais. This article identify the scientific production the nursing to determine the best evidence disponibility to care the vascular access in hemodialisys clients. I made one bibliographical research computadorized and manual of publications of 2003 and 2008. The decrease numbers of infections are because that the clients that are at hemodialisys can higth risk to adquire infections because the dialitic process give in vascular access at prolong time. Conclude that washing hands is one atitude of relevance, that have training, marketing and control at hemodialisys roons.


vascular, hemodialisys, catheterism.

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