Comparison of Hydrocolloid dressings with silver and without silver in the control of infection of infected wounds. - Sistematic Literature Review

Thais Ventury Pioli, Isabel CF da Cruz


The control of infection of a wound care becomes prevention of major complications so as to reduce his offense, and requires the nurse's skill, study, knowledge, requiring constant research for the renewal of methods to control the spread of bacterial or gravity big. This study aimed to identify and review by the PICO strategy, published in the databases LILACS and PUBMED, from 2003 to 2008, about the methods available to determine the best available evidence that can support the nurses comparing the use of hydrocolloid dressings with silver and silver without the control of wound infections, 11 (eleven) articles were analyzed, and concluded that systematic monitoring of patient injury is crucial in order to establish not only the treatment of wound, but infection control and prevention of chronic complications.


critical care; bandages hydrocolloid;wound infection

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