Nursing Consultations as Adhesion Instrument to immunosuppressant in renal transplantation – Literature Systematic Summary

Milton AC da Silva, Isabel CF da Cruz


In this article was realized a systematized bibliographic revision with basis on scientific data, that had as aim analyze the nursing consultation as adhesion toll of the patients submitted to renal transplant, to the treatment with immune suppressor drugs. The organs transplant, constitute the last success hope in recuperation of diseases in final stages. The nursing participate of active manner since organ capture until the ambulatory consultation after transplant, demanding trained clinical staff. The methodology of this study, consist in a manual and computerized bibliographic research, realized in second semester of the current year. From 35 analyzed papers, 11 were selected for analysis due yours implications for a better nursing practice. After reading of the references, was made the grouping by similarity and pertinence, constructing a thematic axis for results presentation. The investigation reveals that the nursing procedures, are without doubt of larger importance for treatment and generate systematized medical assistance and professional qualification. We hope that this study can contribute for perioperatory practices improvement, and stimulate other nurses in research development related with renal transplants.


Renal transplant; Education; Nursing consultation; online learning

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