Parenteral drug administration: sistematic literature review

Rafael Tavares Jomar, Isabel Cristina Fonseca da Cruz


While the prescription of intravenous medications to be medical responsibility, the nurse is the professional responsible for preparing and applying them, as well as their effects. Therefore must know all aspects and stages of drug therapy in order to prevent complications and provide patients with highly complex nursing care quality. This is a computerized literature research, conducted in electronic databases in order to answer the clinical question: On account of high complexity, which the effectiveness of nursing prescription parenteral administration of medications (insulin intravenously) for the treatment hyperglycemia? Were selected for analysis 10 articles, these met the inclusion criteria of this study, then their results were discussed, some implications in clinical practice of nurses caring for patients with high complexity. The role of nurses in IV infusion of insulin and prevention of their adverse events is large and indispensable to its effectiveness. Therefore, we believe that this study may contribute to a nursing care safer and better quality, because it contains updated information and stimulate a nursing care based on evidence.


Nursing Care. Infusions, Intravenous. Insulin. Intensive Care Units.

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