Hydroeletrolitic Control: Sistematic Literature Review

bruna MG miquelam, isabel CF da Cruz


Abstract: Once that nursing staff is straightly responsible for hydroeletrolitic control in high complex patient, has important function to identify risks for development, complications and preventions related ARF (acute renal failure). This study is a computerized bibliographic research, realized with electronic database, with a view to answer this clinical flaming question: High coplex patient, how efficiency is the nursing prescription on hydroeletrolitic control in patient with ARF? Were selected to study 10 articles, who attended inclusion criterion in this study, and then, has theirs results discussed, and pointed implications on clinical practice for nurse who take care of high complex patient.
Through this articles analysis, concluded there is many factors determine ARF in CCU (critical care unit), so the daily monitoration of the renal function for the nursing staffs is an important care, to avoid complications on ARF e their mortality.
Key-words: Nursing Care, Critical Care, Acute Renal Failure.


Nursing Care, Critical Care, Acute Renal Failure

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URN: http://www.jsncare.uff.br/index.php/jsncareurn:nbn:de:1983-4152jsncare.v4i1.23533

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