Breast feeding management and support of preterm infant - evidenced based nursing practice

Carla Kling dos Reis, Isabel CF da Cruz


: Many organizations have claimed that breast feeding is the best food for the newly-born, especially, on preterms, because of their easy vulnerability. However, our reality shows a high level of non-breast feeding in infants, especialty the ones that needed to stay in an intensive care unit. This research aims to identify the best management and support to breast feeding of preterms newly – borns in order to reduce the level of breast feeding’s failure and to guarantee best quality of life to this complex population. The methodology used was a bibliographical research on computer and manually, between april and october 2007. Through the synthesis of 10 magazines nursery articles, published between 2002 and 2007, concluded that to have a well done and lasting breast feeding, is essential the particular system of support from the community, family and health’s professionals that must have apropriated formation and to enable technical suitable to be able to implement plane of sistematic actions in order to give more information and encouragement about breast feeding to new-born’s mothers.


Breast feeding, infant,premature, intensive care units,neonatal, nursing

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