Health education to the patient with knowledge deficit about hemodialysis – evidenced basead nursing practice

Bruna Pinheiro Pascotto, Isabel CF da Cruz


The aim of this review is to identify the scientific production in Nursery related to health education to patients in hemodialysis, from 2002 to 2007, analyzing its applicability in the daily practice. The methodology used was the bibliographic search using both manual and computerized way, which occurred in the period between June and August 2007. The inspiration for this theme came from the daily experience of nurses in Nephrology Unities and from the contact with patients and theirs familiars. The patient with chronic renal insufficiency must have his daily life as normal as possible and nurses are those which must orient them in this way. They must be oriented in relation to nutrition, to the cares needed in their vascular access, medicines, their main diseases and also in relation to their rights. We know that all the process of health education must be well structured, and, moreover, the quality of life of patients in hemodialysis and the efficiency of the dialytic method used depend on these factors, and nurses represent the links between this knowledge and the patients.


Renal Dialysis; Nursing, health education

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