Family interaction in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit– evidenced based nursing practice

Simone Fragoso Alves, Isabel CF da Cruz


The feelings of fear and insecurity that affect parents / family of the new-born hospitalized in a Neonatal Intensive care unit , may be able to affect the interaction of parents and children and therefore interfere with the generation of this family bond than deprive they of arising from the benefits of this interaction. To promote interaction between the social network (neonate and his family) recognizes the negative impact of hospitalization for his family, and all the meanings that this subjective time for this family has directly resulted in the development of an assistance of nursing quality oriented humanization of assistance. This article proposes a reflection, through a literature search of the past five years, some of the benefits of interaction of parents / family of neonate hospitalized in neonatal intensive therapy unit, and ways to promote interaction on the part of the team of nursing.


family; Neonatal nursing, neonatal intensive care unit, nursing

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