The Nursing Process In Peritonitis In Peritoneal Dialysis Based on scientific evidence - Systematic Literature Review

Elídio Magalhães Santos, Isabel CF da Cruz


The Systematization of nursing care (NCS) is linked to the process of nursing, which consists of five inter-related steps: history or research, diagnosis, planning or care plan, prescription or implementation and development. The conduct of nurses in peritonitis followed by pre-established protocols aimed at better treatment. The nurses need to have knowledge on the subject on the chronic renal failure and on dialysis. It has problems as the output of peritonitis caused by peritoneal dialysis, with the principal objective to minimize these episodes. As a methodology, is a literature search computerized and manual, which occurred in the second half of 2008. Of the 48 articles identified, 11 were selected for analysis because the implications for better practice. We conclude that the process of nursing is no doubt of great importance in generating systematization of care and professional qualification. The peritonitis is one of the causes of outflow of peritoneal dialysis (PD) is that when treated well, minimizes this number considerably.


Nursing Process, Peritonitis, peritoneal dialysis;

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