What is the best digital technology for nursing intervention in monitoring intracranial pressure in the ICU? – Sistematized Review of Literature

Ketlyn Bouzan Nascimento, Isabel F Cruz


Objective: To analyze the technologies that are considered viable alternatives for monitoring ICP in intensive care units (ICU) and the importance of training nurses to use theseresources. Methods: Descriptive and exploratory study and bibliographical research. Results: In this study, 10 articles were chosen for the analysis of the data obtained, these were selected for meeting the inclusion criteria and for presenting relevance to the proposed theme for the discussion and presentation of the contents obtained where technologies are analyzed in relation to monitoring of the PIC in intensive care units (ICU). Conclusion: The study concludes that the monitoring of intracranial pressure requires efforts from both the nurse and the team, where the nurse must assess intracranial hypertension, recognizing it through the help of technologies to ensure that the necessary interventions are initiated and that these are in accordance with the patient's situation.


Intracranial Pressure (PIC); Intensive care unit; Health technologies.

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